The History of Nickelodeon Logo

Today we want to talk about orange color, wait a minute, not specifically about the color, rather about a very recognized brand that use this color very well. Orange color is related with creativity, fun, innovation and is a very used tone by restaurant, childhood or drink brands. Nickelodeon logo is a good example.


Logo 1979-1980


The 1979.1980 Nickelodeon Logo, a design not so much dynamic with a more “serious” font, more thick, nowadays we can’t be imagine this logotype like kids, fun, creativity project or company, for that reason designs evolve, to adapt to grow up with different moments.




Logo 1980-1981


This new logo, a design created in 1980, we can see more stylish logo specially the letter “N”. This logotyope begin to use the tagline “The young people channel” shorter than the older slogan.



Logo 1981


A logo with a lot of colors, each letter have a different color or tone. In my opinion a very good design for that time and for the kind of company, related with creativity, colors, kids, tv, innovation…






This logo is the logo i most remember and maybe one of my favorites in the Nickelodeon Logo Evolution. The font is more dynamic and fresh, two important aspects in creativity or fun brands. And one color make the logo more easy to remember.



Logo 2009

In 2009 Nickelodeon change again its logo, the font now is less dynamic and more rounded, the color is still orange and the general design look more “clean”


¿Which of these logos is your favorite?


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